Cheezburgerz + BBQ

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LOLWUT? Why Do I Keep Coming Back to This Website?
Beh Huh, CEO, I Can Has Cheezburger?
Eric Nakagawa, CEO, FTW R&D, I Can Has Cheezburger?

This panel was the greatest way to end Sunday….or any other day, for that matter. Beh Huh and Eric Nakagawa are laid back, fun and entertaining. They’re the kind of guys that you’ll never have a dull moment with…and you’ll be laughing until you pee in your pants. They brought cheeseburgers and tofu burgers for everyone. I thought this was so thoughtful of them and made me like them even more.

Eric, Maggie & Ben
Eric Nakagawa, me and Ben Huh (he was wearing a cheeseburger hat!)

Nakagawa starts the panel by telling the story of ICHC. A friend, TofuBurger, sent him a picture of a fat cat with a funny caption. He laughed and they soon thought, “Hey, no one has a site with all these funny pictures.” They then created a site with all these cat pictures. They’d find pictures online and make funny captions on them, but the community jumped on and made their own. Now, they receive thousands a day but only pick six to post on their site.

Even though ICHC was an instant hit, it had challenges from the beginning like everyone else. ICHC had so many page hits (thanks to, that they ended up not being able to support the capacity. So, they went to WordPress and the company gave them a special VIP package that let them support 3 terabytes of pictures and millions of daily page visits. Can you believe that? 3 TERAbytes of LOLCats? Currently, they have over 1.5 million page visits per day and receive almost 8,000 pictures a day and choose the best 6 to post.

The enthusiastic CEOs also mentioned that they have I Has Hot Dog, a spin off site with dogs. They talked about how they didn’t use any advertising or marketing to promote this site, but just let nature take its own course (they had also used this model with ICHC). When finally, they felt strongly that IHHD will succeed and took care of all the bugs, they put a plug on ICHC’s website.

My key take away from this panel is the fact that their company, strategy, marketing……everything is just about funny pictures. It always came back to this. I discovered that both Nakagawa and Huh are just like all of us and their success is attainable by all means.

LOLClinton – “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!!!!!!”

After the high of ICHC, Antonia and some friends we met went to the famous Ruby’s BBQ near University of Texas. I had a beef brisket plate with home fries. The home fries took longer than I expected, but it was a delicious combination of cut potatoes, butter, jalapeño peppers, cheese and rosemary. The brisket was good with it’s juicy meat drenched in BBQ sauce. Definitely a hit!

Ruby’s BBQ

While waiting for cab back to downtown, we quickly browsed in a store called Toy Joy across the street. Every single inch was covered with all sorts of toys and knick knacks – bouncy balls, figurines, stickers, trains, sunglasses, dinosaurs, cars, lanterns…. It was a collection of new and vintage things from all over the world. You could spend hours in there!

Toy Joy

Toy Joy

Toy Joy


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